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Volunteer Information

This page has information on it that you might find useful as you volunteer with All Yours.

If there is information missing that you think would be useful to have access to, please drop Caroline an email on

Click on the links below to jump directly to the information you are after:

Contact information

Stock Ordering Form

Making up a box

Expenses policy

All Yours Risk Assessment

Social Media Policy Statement

Insurance Certificates

Safeguarding statement and policies

Contact Information

If you have any questions about All Yours there are lots of people who can support you. If you have a Hub Leader, they are your first point of contact. If you don't have a designated hub leader you are aware of, or you aren't receiving the support you need within your hub, you are welcome to contact any of the member of the All Yours Executive Team.

Caroline Herman - All Yours CEO and general fixer -

Rebecca Lewis - Requests Manager -

Karen Thomas - Secretary of Exec Committee-

Amanda Head - Treasurer of Exec Committee -**

**Amanda is the Wiltshire hubs leader and she may have provided you with her personal email if you are in their hub. You are welcome to use these email addresses to contact her.

Stock Ordering

If you would like to order more period products for your boxes, please complete and submit the All Yours stock ordering form here.

Making up a box

Our general motto is to put as much as you can in the bag or box you are delivering to an individual/family so that you don't have to go back as frequently but at a minimum we should be looking to deliver the following:

Just pads

  • Two packs of normal or regular flow (brands will vary but they normally call it normal or regular)

  • Two packs of heavy flow pads (again brands will vary and they might call it heavy, ultra or long)

  • Two packs of night packs (pretty much all the brands call them night pads)

Total of 6 packs, 2 of each absorbency.


Pads and tampons

  • One pack of normal pads

  • One pack of heavy pad

  • One pack of night pads

  • One box of regular tampons

  • One pack of super tampons

Total 3 packs of pads (one of each absorbency) and 2 packs of tampons (one of each absorbency).


Teen pads

  • A teen box should typically contain four packs of day teen pads and two packs of night teen pads.

Total six packs of pads (4 of day and 2 of night).


Adhoc Requests

Rebecca will tell you if someone has a specific request for products. The most common request is for heavy flow pads and if this is the case I would recommend:

  • One pack of normal pads

  • Three packs of heavy flow pads

  • Two packs of night pads.

Total of 6 packs, mainly heavy flow and night pads.

  • If you pack your bag or box and have a bit of extra room, feel free to put more in!!

  • Top tip for the bags is to leave enough room at the top to close it and staple the opening edge together. So much easier than trying to tape it shut!

  • Sometimes we do have to improvise if we don't have the exact stock we need but I hope the guidelines above help. If you are ever unsure, you are always welcome to email me on or you can reply to Rebecca whose email address is

Expenses Policy

If you would like to claim expenses or mileage from All Yours you can find out how to do so here.

A copy of the expense form is circulated each month for easy reference but please contact Caroline or Karen if you need a copy now. If you have any questions about our expenses policy, please feel to get in touch.

All Yours Risk Assessment

The safety of our volunteers is of paramount importance. You can review our Health & Safety Risk Assessment below. Our health and safety policy is available here and includes information on how to stay safe when making deliveries. If you ever feel uncomfortable in a situation, please let Caroline know as soon as you can so we can improve the situation in the future. You can email her on

Social Media Policy Statement

Social media is now a common part of daily life and we have produced a short statement available here on how we manage social media at All Yours and how we can support you if you would like to post about our work online.

Insurance documents

All Yours has insurance to cover the volunteers that work for us. You can view our Employer's Liability Certificate and Public and Products Liability certificates below.

Contact Infomation
Stock Ordering
Making up a box
Expenses Policy
All Yours Risk Assessment
Insurance Documents
Safeguarding Statement and Policies

We are committed to safeguarding all our people from harm. This includes our volunteers and all those who use or come into contact with our services. We recognise that all our people, regardless of race, age, ability, gender, identity, sexual orientation, religion, or belief, have the right to protection from all types of harm or abuse.

We have robust processes in place to ensure that the people who join our organisation as volunteers, are suitable for their roles.

We take the safety and wellbeing of our volunteers seriously, as such we have systems and processes in place to identify and assess potential areas of risk across all our activities; and ensure remedial plans are put in place to address these risks.

All our volunteers and executives who deliver workshops or who have direct contact with children or vulnerable adults are trained to recognise signs which could indicate that a child or adult at risk may be being abused or neglected. We actively encourage our volunteers and those who use or come into contact with our services, to speak up about things which they think could cause harm to people and we act promptly when concerns have been raised. We will not tolerate any behaviours or practices which could lead to anyone being abused and/or exploited by our people.

You can read our full Safeguarding Policy here and our Child Protection Policy here.

All Yous Socia Media Policy
All Yours Safeguarding Statement
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