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Period Product Workshop - schools

We offer comprehensive period product education sessions for both primary and secondary school students. Our goal is to empower young individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed choices regarding period products. We also provide training for school staff, enabling them to deliver these sessions within their own educational settings. Additionally, we offer an education session specifically designed for parents.

At All Yours, we believe in equipping students with a thorough understanding of all types of period products, ensuring they have the necessary information to choose the right products for their needs, whether they prefer disposable or reusable options. For school sessions, we recommend that schools utilize their existing stock of period products. However, we can provide a sample pack of reusable period products separately if required.

Our sessions can be conducted remotely via Teams or Zoom, or they can be arranged as in-person workshops.


We offer the following session options:

Session 1 – Pupil Period Product Education: Duration: 45-60 minutes

In this session, we guide students through a comprehensive exploration of the available period products, explaining how they work and how to use them safely. We discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of disposable and reusable period products, enabling students to make informed decisions.

We cover disposable period products such as period pads, tampons, and panty liners, explaining their usage and responsible disposal. We then introduce reusable period products, including reusable period pads, period pants, and menstrual cups. We explain how these products function, how to use them, and the necessary care required for safe reuse each month.

The duration of the session may vary depending on the comfort level and engagement of the students. It is important that participants feel free to ask questions and engage in discussion without any judgment.

For younger year groups, we adapt certain content related to tampons and menstrual cups to ensure age-appropriate information.

Session 2 – Period Product Education: Empowering the Teacher: Duration: 90-120 minutes

For this staff training session, we cover the content presented in the pupil period product education session and provide additional background and context regarding different period product choices. We also explain how various age groups might react to these choices. This session comes with training materials to enable teachers to plan and conduct their own student sessions following the training.

We dedicate time to explaining the functionality and care of reusable period products, so that teachers who may not have personal experience of using them still feel confident talking to their students about them. The session concludes with ideas and discussion points on running successful period product sessions, making period products accessible within the school environment, and combatting the myths, shame, and stigma surrounding periods.


Session 3 – Parent Reusable Period Products Session: Duration: 45-60 minutes

This session is designed for parents, providing them with an understanding of the different reusable period product options available through schools. We cover reusable period pads, period pants, and menstrual cups, explaining how they work and providing guidance on proper usage and care for safe reuse.

The session is typically designed to last around 45 minutes, although additional time can be allocated if there are numerous questions from parents. School staff should be available to address any inquiries regarding how period products are distributed within the school. We offer the flexibility of conducting this session remotely through Teams or Zoom, requiring suitable audio-visual equipment for large group settings.

At All Yours, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive and inclusive period product education sessions to students, teachers, and parents alike. Contact us to schedule a session and ensure that staff and young individuals have access to the knowledge they need for a positive and informed experience with period products. 

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