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Our community boxes contain a range of period pads which are suitable for all types of flow. They are available from a number of locations and you can find your nearest collection point here.


Our adult boxes contain new packs of period pads including light/moderate flow, heavy flow, and night-time absorbencies. They are suitable for most people and cover almost all circumstances.


We are also able to provide products for younger bodies via our teen boxes. These boxes contain new packs of Lil-let Teen pads, both day and night, or Always Sensitive pads if we have not been able to secure a supply of the teen pads. These boxes are suitable for younger bodies including those who have just started their periods or have a light flow.


We deliver our boxes to community organisations who then distribute them to the people that they work with. No charge is made for the boxes, and we expect them to be passed on free of charge to people in the community who are struggling to afford or access period products each month.


We do not supply reusable period products to community organisations as they are not suitable for all circumstances and cost us a lot more money. We prefer to distribute these on an individual basis so that the right product is received. We are happy for community organisations to refer people to us for reusable period products.


If you would like to request some period boxes for your community organisation, please get in touch.

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