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Menstrual Cycle Workshop

Our Menstrual Cycle Workshop is designed to educate young people and adults alike about the way in which our menstrual cycle works each month.


We work our way through each stage of the menstrual cycle from the first day of a period until we reach the end of the cycle and a period starts once again.


During the session we cover:

  • Review of menstruation

  • Exploration of pre-ovulation

  • Impact of ovulation

  • Feeling premenstrual

  • How it feels moving from one stage to the next.


We talk about how the different stages might impact energy levels, confidence, or attitude helping to add context to someone’s emotional state.

The aim of the session is to explore and explain how the menstrual cycle influences day to day life.

Training for staff

The session is accessible by all ages but we also provide training for adults working with young people to help them understand the menstrual cycle during the teenage years so that they can support young people better during this time.

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