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Our VISION is a society where period products are free and universally available to everyone who needs them, along with high quality period education in schools and available in the community.


Our MISSION is to relieve period poverty in our local communities and advocate for better period education in our schools and community organisations. Everyone should have a choice over the period products that they use, and we strive to offer a range of period products – both disposable and reusable – so people can select what best supports their circumstances, personal preferences, and menstrual health.


Our VALUES of respect, compassion and choice help us to keep individuals’ personal circumstances, gender identity and lived experiences front of mind whilst working to remove the stigma and shame around menstruation.


Our SUCCESS is delivering over 8000 period boxes since we started the project in December 2020, partnering with many community partners and public services. We have also delivered successful period education workshops into schools and community groups.

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