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1          Applicability

This statement applies to all Executive Team members, volunteers, employees, contractors, and third-party representatives of the community interest company.  Its requirements should be reflected in other policies and procedures, agreements and contracts, as necessary.

2          Our Spokespeople

We have a number of recognised spokespeople to represent All Yours Period Box CIC, and these individuals are responsible for the posting of content on our Social Media feeds.

Even if you do not speak on behalf of All Yours Period Box CIC, you are personally responsible for all online content you publish in our name.

 If you wish to create an original post, using our logo or other images we own, we would love it if you would reach out to Leanne Whittaker first to discuss. She will be able to support your efforts and provide any guidance or editorial context.

3          Basic Guidelines

Following the below guidelines, will ensure that All Yours social media posts meet our standards.

  • Do not breach privacy or security.

  • Do not post personal information.

  • Don’t make it easy for criminals, by posting information that they might use.

  • Write using our ‘tone of voice’.

  • If you disagree with something and feel you should respond, always be courteous and do not personalise your response.  Focus on the issue, not the person who wrote the post.

  • Be politically neutral.  We aim to influence the government and its agencies positively in support of our community and criticising them won’t help us do that.  Equally, we treat all recognised political parties with respect and support any of their initiatives that support our own aims, but we do not actively support or promote any individual party. 

  • We are a menstrual health social enterprise. Posts should always be respectful of beneficiaries and portray them in a way they would wish to be, and not cause embarrassment, offence or alarm.

  • Images of crowds at events don’t require the approval of each individual, but an image where a limited number of individuals are the subject matter of the image do.   It is particularly important that you obtain permission, if you wish to use images of children or vulnerable adults.    

  • Don’t be offensive, to anyone, for any reason.  If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it at all.

  • Consider potential social and/or cultural differences in your audience who may be more sensitive to particular issues or subjects than the wider population.    

If you are not sure if and how you should tweet or comment on something, contact Leanne Whittaker, our Marketing Manager volunteer, for advice.

4          Moderation of Posts on Our Social Media

We act as a platform, both online and off, for our community to debate issues that matter to them, and we actively encourage diversity of opinion.  We believe that open, honest debate can help to address divisions and just because we don’t agree with something, doesn’t necessarily mean that we would remove it.  For example, critical comments about our work are rare but, whilst we always respond in a balanced and measured way, we do not necessarily remove these, even when we do not necessarily agree with these, subject to the guidelines below.

The community has diversity of views, some strongly held.  There is nothing wrong in holding strong views, but that does not automatically make alternative views offensive.  In general, as long as a post does not break the law, is a genuine contribution to a debate and is not offensive, we would not usually remove it.  Specifically, we will take down any post that falls into the categories below:

  • Anything we believe may break the law.

  • Views that we feel the majority of reasonable people would consider to be offensive. 

  • Derogatory comments about an individual or organisation.

  • Any post that is irrelevant to our work and the online conversations being held.

We may also block those posting such material and/or report the issue to the relevant authorities.

5    Take Down Process

Authority to remove posts has been delegated, as follows:

Immediate take-down of posts that are obviously unacceptable – Leanne Whittaker, Caroline Herman, Amanda Head, Rebecca Lewis, Karen Thomas

Take down of posts that may be unacceptable - Leanne Whittaker, Caroline Herman, Amanda Head, Rebecca Lewis, Karen Thomas

You can request that a post is taken down by contacting

Before a post is taken down, please screenshot or otherwise record the post.

6    Distribution

This policy is to be brought to the attention of staff and volunteers on appointment, and shared via our website as appropriate.

7    Review

This policy will be reviewed annually.

Creation date: September 2023

Next review date: September 2024

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