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At All Yours we believe everyone should have the period products they need for a safe and comfortable period. We also know that period education is key to ensuring women, girls and people who have periods know which products suit their lifestyle, circumstances and bodies best. Our aim is to provide as many period boxes and period education workshops as possible so that people in our local communities can look after their menstrual health. We currently work in West Berkshire, Swindon, Basingstoke, South Oxfordshire and many surrounding areas.

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We support INDIVIDUALS struggling to afford period products each month.

We support individuals like Lucy who works a low-income job and is struggling to pay her rent and bills having been forced to leave her family home at a young age. Before she began to receive period products from us, Lucy used to go to work using toilet paper as a period pad.


We support FAMILIES where there are several periods to worry about each month.

We support families like Jill and her two daughters. Before Jill discovered All Yours, she struggled to afford period products for three and they used to sit and sleep on old towels as they saved what period pads they could afford for when they needed to leave the house.


We support those unable to ACCESS period products each month.

We support two orphaned sisters whose uncle provides them with everything they need except for period products, which they are not able to discuss with him. We provide boxes of period products via school, which they collect and take back for use at home.


We support parents and carers who need some GUIDANCE around period products.

We support several single Dads who want to prioritise period products for their daughters but don’t know what kind of products they should be buying or how they will afford them. We provide age-appropriate period products and remind them to request products on a regular basis in line with their daughters’ cycles.


We support schools and community groups with PERIOD EDUCATION.

Our period education workshops train teachers in how to deliver period education around period products and the menstrual cycle to both primary and secondary school pupils. We have also adapted our period products workshops to deliver information about reusable period products and how to use them into our local communities.

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